All business system documentation is managed by Exact’s electronic media systems LAN. Our administrative and manufacturing software provides master lists that define the documents, data and technical specifications related to the effective operation of product development and production. All of our documents, data and technical specifications are controlled through designated distribution channels that preclude the use of uncontrolled or out-of-date documents.

Process control is accomplished via process specific procedures and work instructions to ensure quality throughout the production life cycle. The dynamic process activities subject to control and management oversight are:

  • Work Order / Document / Drawing Control
  • CNC Punch Robotics
  • CNC Multi-Axis Press Break / Forming
  • TimeSaver Finish Operations
  • Welding Hardware Installation
  • Conversion Coatings: Alodine, Anodize, Zinc Plating
  • Paint, Powder Coating
  • Product Handling
  • Product Packaging

Purchasing, Procurement The Exact Purchasing
Department evaluates contractors on the basis of objective and impartial criteria, based upon the criticality of the product and/or services. This criteria include:

  • History of Performance
  • Demonstrated Capability
  • Ability to meet Quality / Design Requirements
  • Performance During Audit
  • Price
  • Ability to meet Delivery Schedule

Following evaluation, adjustments may be required of the contractor’s management system.