About Us

Exact Inc.’s facilities are modern and spacious. Exact moved into our current facility in 1998. The building has 105,000 square feet of office, production and storage space. Our shop floor is well spaced to provide ample light for production and inspection. The added space has allowed us to expand our equipment list with the addition of new and upgraded service options.

Exact Inc. is located in Jacksonville, Florida , along the Atlantic coast. Our location adjacent to Interstates 10 & 95 gives us quick access to the major road arteries of the southeast. Overnight delivery to Florida and most of Georgia via UPS ground is standard. Common carrier truck lines can provide next day service to Alabama, Georgia, Florida and North and South Carolina. The Port of Jacksonville continues to grow providing us regular shipping access to Europe, Asia and the Caribbean.

A key factor to many customers is truck transit time. From Jacksonville, 50,000,000 consumers are reached within 8 hours & 60% of the U.S. population is reached within 24 hours.

Proximity from Jacksonville to the following U.S. cities:

Atlanta: 296 milesTruck Transit Time
Miami: 317 miles
Birmingham: 375 miles
New Orleans: 507 miles
Charlotte: 350 miles
Chattanooga: 397 miles
Charleston: 210 miles