(1) 612 Wysong 6′
(1) 1010-RD Wysong 10′ with pin gauge

CNC Punching/Shearing

(1) Amada EMK 3610 NT Electric
CNC con-trolled 58 sta-tion turret punch
press with four auto-index stations, 33 ton
capacity 60″x 144″ sheet size. Equipped with RMP load/unload robotic feeder.(1) Amada Vipros 255 Hydraulic CNC controlled 31 station turret punch press with three auto-index stations, 20 ton capacity 50″50″ sheet size.

(2) Amada Vipros 255 Hydraulic CNC
controlled 31 station turret punch press
with three auto-index stations, 20 ton
capacity 50X50″ sheet size.

(1) Amada Pega 345 CNC controlled 56 station turret punch press, 33 ton capacity, 40″ x 80″ sheet size.

(1) Amada Pulsar Laser 1212 CNC controlled.
2000w, 50″x100″ sheet size.

CNC Machining
(1) 2006 HURCO VM2 CNC Machining center

Punching and Notching

(1) 626 W.A. Whitney 30 gauging press

(1) CSW 220 Amada Notcher/Coper

(1) #5 Federal 60 ton OBI press

Grinding and Deburring

(1) Ramco 37″ dual head “wet type” sander/finisher with Cyclotron recirculating filter system

(1) Time Saver 9″ mini belt

(1) Kelley 7 Cu. Ft. vibratory finish mill

(1) 5 HP double spindle 4″ belt sander

(1) 5 HP double spindle polishing stand

(1) Oakley D-1 Stroke Sander

(1) Chamferit edge deburr machine

Assembly & Insert Installation

(4) Haeger hydraulic insert presses with auto feed

(2) General Engineering 24″ air presses

Miscellaneous hand held rivet guns

Systems and Engineering

All business system documentation is managed on Exact’s electronic media systems LAN. Exact uses Epicor Manufacturing Software to provide a comprehensive business suite of tools to run every aspect of the company. Epicor provides integrated Quote-Order-Production systems as well as integrated Accounting. The Epicor Engineering tools provides master part lists that define the documents, data and technical specifications related to the effective operation of product development and production.


1) 2009 FINN-Power 10’ E-Brake. 5 axis CNC multi-axis gauging. Tool Clamping. 3D Part Simulation. Offline Programming and Modeling.

(1) 176012 Accupress 10’ Hydraulic press brake with multi-axis CNC gauging.

(1) 7601 Accupress 10’ Hydraulic press brake with single-axis CNC gauging.

(1) 7606 Accupress 6’ Hydraulic press brake with single- axis CNC gauging.

(1) J-110-1 Pacific I 10 ton, 10’ hydraulic press brake with NC back gauge.

(1) J-55-6 Pacific 55 ton, 6’ hydraulic press brake with Hurco Z-axis automatic back gauge.



Robotic Weld Cell. OTC Welder with CNC control and 4 welding stations

(1) Sciaky 100 KVA 3 phase welder with Sciaky “Touch- Weld” solid state controller

(1) Amada 3 phase spot welder

(5) Miller TIG 300 AMP welder

(1) Miller MIG 200 AMP welder

(1) Lincoln MIG Welder

(1) OTC MIG Welder


11 Stage Iron Phosphate immersion type surface pretreatment system.

Conveyorized wet paint system. Industrial Heating Finishing design, 2-8 feet per minute line speed, 3 inline paint and texture booths,  electrostatic “wet” paint guns, in line gas fired oven.

Powder Coating
Col-Met Powder booth 12×12
Gema Opti 2 Powder gun – new 2016
Gas fired batch Powder oven.

(1) 36″ x 26″ Vacuum Table for Screen Production

(5) 4’ x 8’ Adjustable Fixture Boards

(1) Dry off oven


Plating / Protective Finishes (Sister Company Co-located in Facility)

12 foot zinc tanks (largest in Florida). This line is designed for larger parts where the finish is critical. Either clear or yellow chromate finish is available. ROHS Finishes Available

Barrel plating line is designed for small parts with high volume. This is the most cost effective manner to plate steel. Either clear or yellow chromate finish is available.

Clear and yellow chromate conversion (alodine/irridite) finish is available on aluminum. ROHS Finishes Available