Exact has developed extensive control systems to ensure that incoming products conform to requirements, product verification and acceptance, assessment of data and corrective action and follow-up.

Control of Customer-Supplied Product/s
It is Exact’s policy and procedure to control all Customer-supplied products. All Customer-furnished material is examined, controlled, stored and protected as required on individual contract basis in accordance with Customer and Exact procedures. Reports to the cognizant Customer representative of any furnished material found damaged or otherwise unsuitable for use is made.

Product Identification and Traceability
Where contractually specified or in line with Exact policy or procedure, identification and traceability subsystems are established to control materials, including their source data and documentation.

Controls are maintained to incorporate engineering changes that alter product configuration. As required, additional documentation is generated reflecting new product identification and corresponding re-identification of the part while maintaining traceability.

Inspection and Testing
Inspection and tests are performed at predetermined points throughout the production cycle including receiving, in-process and final inspection.

Exact’s inspection processes are referred to as “Product Certification” and are performed by the “Process Owners” (employees). Quality monitors the effectiveness of inspection through “Process and Product Audit”. This practice fully supports “Total Product Quality” and “Total Quality Management” by the employees in each manufacturing area.

Quality verifies the accuracy of the finished product against the original customer order and specification. Inspection records are maintained for documentation of product inspection and test.

Integrity of Inspection and Test Equipment
Production of high quality sheet metal products is dependent upon the employment and use of regularly calibrated and adjusted test equipment in order to ensure accuracy and repeatability.

Exact has an established Precision Measurement Equipment (PME) calibration schedule based on the equipment’s complexity, frequency of use and calibration history.

Inspection and Test Status
Exact’s established procedures for product certification is clearly defined in each product specific Work Order. Critical inspection and/or test is an integral sequence step during the production process flow through final assembly and packaging. Our inspection and test status procedures ensure that all products are identifiable and segregated “conformance” or “non-conformance” throughout the production and final inspection processes.

Control of Nonconforming Products
Raw materials, hardware, manufactured product assemblies and subassemblies containing departures or deviations from customer design specifications or internal workmanship standards are clearly identified and segregated as “nonconformance”.

Disposition of all nonconforming materials are determined via MRB procedures through the Production and Quality Managers.

Corrective Action – Nonconforming Products
Exact’s Corrective Action System focuses on root cause analysis and preventative measures that address internal or customer identified defects. This procedure applies to procured parts, materials, customer rejections, in-process anomalies and final inspection rejections.

Our corrective action procedures include documentation of ALL defects, defect cause analysis and disposition in our Integrated Quality Management System Database.

Handling, Storage and Packing
Exact assures that the integrity of its products are safely preserved from receipt of raw materials to the delivery of the completed product.

Exact employees have been trained and are instructed to utilize handling techniques and follow established packaging processes and / or customer procedures to prevent damage or deterioration.

Quality Records
Exact has established and maintains documented procedures for identifying, indexing, accessing, filing and storage of Quality Records. Quality records are maintained for the purpose of providing objective evidence that Exact’s products meet the specified technical and quality requirements set forth by our customers.

Quality records maintained by Exact, Inc. include:

  • Contracts
  • Defect Reports
  • Calibration
  • Audits (internal and external)
  • Material Review (disposition)
  • Customer complaints / returns
  • Management Review
  • Corrective Action Reports (CAR)
  • Nonconformance Material reports
  • Inspection reports

Internal Quality Records
Internal Quality Audits are performed on a regularly scheduled basis and serve as analysis to the effectiveness of Exact’s Quality / Business Management System. These Audits serve as the foundation of our internal record of quality.

Audit findings are reviewed with management and supervision. Corrective Action Requests (CARs) are generated for procedural nonconformance, recorded and assigned to responsible Supervisory individuals for action / follow-up and preventative action.

It is Exact’s Policy that all employees are properly trained, qualified and / or certified to perform assignments specific to their position without exception.

In order to ensure all personnel are qualified for their assigned tasks, the needs for training are assessed and identified by Management based upon verifiable prior experience, training and education.

Training records are maintained in an Integrated Training Management Program by Quality and monitored during routine audits.

Servicing, excluding customer return rework, as it relates to ISO-9002 is not applicable to the current operational policies and practices of Exact, Inc. There are no contractual field service agreements with customers at this time.

Should it be necessary to modify our BMS at some future time, Exact will establish procedures for performing, reporting and verifying this service as outlined in ISO-9002.4.19.

Statistical Techniques
Exact, Inc. employs and performs systematic and critical Statistical Process Control (SPC) during critical manufacturing processes and product certification reviews.

Our SPC is the impetus for Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) in manufacturing. SPC procedures and techniques are defined in three separate Quality Procedures.